EDF International Networks

EDF International Networks est une filiale du Groupe EDF (France), leader mondial de l’industrie électrique.

Notre entreprise est chargée de commercialiser l’expertise d’EDF dans le domaine des réseaux de distribution électrique.

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Années d’expérience


Contrats internationaux

Nos projets
à travers le monde

Belgique : Assistance Technique en Comptage Communicant

Pays : Belgique
Secteur : Comptage Communicant
Description du projet : Assistance technique et Feuille de Route

Irlande : Gestion de crise

Pays : Irlande
Secteur : Expertise en matière de services publics
Description du projet : Gestion de crise

Belgique : Solutions DATA & Systèmes IT

Pays : Belgique
Secteur : Solutions DATA & Systèmes IT
Description du projet : POC – Priorisation des investissements

Kazakhstan : Assistance Technique pour la performance des réseaux de distribution

Pays : Kazakhstan
Secteur : Expertise en matière de services publics
Description du projet : Assistance Technique pour la performance des réseaux de distribution

Uruguay : Système d’automatisation & Schéma Directeur

Pays : Uruguay
Secteur : Smart Grids
Description du projet : Système d’automatisation & Schéma Directeur

Nos engagements

Fournir des savoir-faire et des solutions opérationnelles pour les exploitants de réseaux de distribution.

Fournir des savoir-faire et des solutions opérationnelles pour les exploitants de réseaux de distribution.

Promouvoir l'intégration de solutions innovantes.

Promouvoir l’intégration de solutions innovantes.

Adapter le réseau pour accélérer la transition écologique.

Adapter le réseau pour accélérer la transition écologique.

Intégrer la transition numérique et l'innovation dans l'ADN des distributeurs.

Intégrer la transition numérique et l’innovation dans l’ADN des distributeurs.

Choisir notre entreprise est une garantie d'excellence et d'expertise pour vos projets

Choisir notre entreprise est une garantie d’excellence et d’expertise pour vos projets

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🌍 Celebrating Progress, Welcoming New Talent, and Driving Continuous Improvement at EDF International Networks ✨

🚀 Our team meetings allow us to boost our productivity and collaboration by:

1. sharing our common goals and topics
2. bringing our skills and innovative ideas to find solutions
3. creating team cohesion and a good working environment

🗨️ We had a productive session where we discussed the progress of our communication strategies, and engaged in meaningful conversations about our team’s dynamics.

🎉It was a pleasure to welcome our new team members, Thomas Catinus , Marie Inglin, Maxime Gillaux and Fouad Abel YAYA LEMOS. We also took the time to have meaningful discussions and enjoy a convivial moment together.

It’s moments like these that strengthen our bond and push us to achieve greater heights together. 🙌🏼

Looking forward to more amazing meetings and milestones ahead!

EDFIN Team Collaboration

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🌍 Visit and Training of the Cameroonian Delegation for the SCADA/DMS Project 📚

🤝 As part of our support for the implementation of a SCADA/DMS for the Cameroonian distributor Eneo, we had the opportunity to host a delegation composed of members from both the project team and the operational teams.

🔐💻During their visit, they benefited from several days of expertise, tools, and organizational acculturation at our control center (ACR), BT supervision agency, a field visit, and numerous exchanges with our national teams on topics such as organisation, guiding change, expression of needs, telecommunications, equipment qualification, ADMS development, and awareness of cybersecurity issues.

💼🏆 To conclude the week, a project management training session was conducted to enhance the teams’ knowledge and ensure the successful completion of this large-scale project.

Our thanks to everyone who made these exchanges possible.

🌐 To find out more, visit our web site :


Fatima Ezzahra Martaj , Guillaume Bastien, Stéphanie Crépin, Marc Guilbert, Thibaud SOURTY, Mathilde Joseph, Manuel ROCHA, Aude Pelletier, Bastien PRIGENT, Guillaume ANDRE, Gildas MALÉGEANT, Stéphane LAIGNEZ, Stephan ROUX, Kavida ANGAPIN.

Odile Clemence ASSIENNE Epse NDI, Alain Charles Mbongo Bond, Armel Stéphane ATIOCK, Foé N’Gono ETOUNDI, Claude AMBOMO.

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🌍 Abidjan : Our experts presented Telecontrol & Smart Grid Plan 💡

Our EDF International Networks experts were in Abidjan to present the master plan and investment plan for Telecontrol Automation and Smart Grids up to 2040.

⚡ Various decision-making bodies in Ivory Coast were present, including the Directorate General of Energy, the regulator ANARE, the network operator CIE, and CI-ENERGIES.

📆 This event provided our experts with the opportunity to present the chosen solutions (for Generation, Transmission, Distribution Control, Distribution Network, Cybersecurity, Telecom, and Smart Grids), along with the associated costs and investment timelines, to bring Ivory Coast to the level of the best grid operators in the world.

🔌 The initiative aims to enhance the power system’s performance in terms of supply quality, resilience to hazards, integration of renewable energies, cybersecurity, and managing data.

🚀 This will be achieved by developing new control centers, modernizing industrial information systems, improving network observability and remote control, implementing Smart Grid solutions, optimizing organizational structures, and upgrading employee skills.

🌐To find out more, visit our web site :

Sébastien Brun, thierry ledoux, Fatima Ezzahra Martaj, Charles Pigné, Goéry CHACHAY, Xavier Roman

Constant KOIDOU, François kouame, Jean-Marc ADJEI, Louis Koissi Brou, Ladj DOUMBIA , Camille Tcha, Toti Lucien Gnabro, Laurent Patrice ana KOUAME


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🌍 Looking for a challenge to boost your career? 🚀

At EDF International Networks, we believe our strength lies in our talented and diverse team. That is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Careers page on our website!

🎯 What makes this announcement important?

Diverse Career Opportunities: Explore the many opportunities to join our team across various fields.
Streamlined Application Process: Easily apply for positions that match your skills and career aspirations.

🔍 Looking to advance your career?

Visit our Careers page today and explore the open positions that could be the next big step in your professional journey. We are always looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join our team and contribute to our collective success:

🌐 Project Manager Smart Planning – Paris
🌐 Project Manager Smart Grids – Paris

👉 Join us :

Join us and be a part of the EDF International Networks adventure!

EDFIN Recruitment Careers Jobs Opportunity Team

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