IT Systems & Digital Solutions

Whether for network operation or customer management, our IT systems and digital solutions answer to the challenges of tomorrow’s DSO.

EDF is leader in the electricity industry, with an extensive digitalisation of processes and services. Our teams deploy numerous IoT sensors, and develop state of the art algorithms in line with the electrician’s work to optimize it, or to create new services. Thanks to the expertise of our telecom engineers and computer scientists, data is at the core of our business, making Enedis the smartest DSO in the world according to the SP Group’s Smart Grid Index.

Today, in France, KPI evolution, asset management, and outage detection are all carried out with the help of Big Data solutions and Artificial Intelligence software. Enedis’ customers benefit from continuous supply while having access to open data regarding the status of the network, the progress of renewables, electric mobility… By helping clients understand their consumption, they become active network users.

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